Snap 37kg

Snap 37kg

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Clipco Snap 37kg 

\Who loves a Clipco Snap 37kg?
This is an easy-to-use link for everyday fishing... right through to monster bass, puka or kingfish fishing.
When the going gets tough, charter operators find this compact but heavy duty link perfect for a hectic fishing deck.
The twist and click link is excellent for quickly changing out bottom rigs or for taking several rigs off to un-twist lines, no open clips flailing around to create more problems.
Join the Clipco revolution!


It has our quick and easy "twist and lock" action. Made from stainless steel wire designed to take a serious load and lock even tighter with tension so that fish will never get this undone!  Comes with a 95kg commercial quality crane swivel.

  • 37kg Heavy Duty
  • Packet contains 2 clips
  • Made from stainless steel wire
  • Quick & easy twist and lock
  • Made for Good Fishing
  • Comes with a 95kg commercial quality crane swivel

Stop battling with hard-to-use clips that can come undone and join the Clipco revolution.

2 Pack

Or upgrade to a ball bearing swivel 105kg by simply selecting variant to your order