Speed Jig 24kg.

Speed Jig 24kg.

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Clipco speed jig

 It has our quick and easy "twist and lock" action. Made from stainless steel wire designed to take a serious load and lock even tighter with tension so that fish will never get this undone!  Comes with a 55kg crane swivel.

Pack contains 1 complete unit. With a swivel & 2 links attached.

  • 24kg Heavy Duty
  • Packet contains 1 clip.
  • Made from stainless steel wire
  • Quick & easy twist and lock
  • Made for Good Fishing
  • Comes with a 55kg crane swivel

When is a good time to reach for a Clipco Speed Jig 24kg?

You're out for a mornings fishing and might use a slow jig slider, a soft plastic or a baited ledger rig, just use one of the 2 links attached to easily swap out one form of fishing for another.
A massive kingfish glides under the boat... twist off your rig, grab your jig and a separate assist hook - you've got all the tools required. BOMBS AWAY!
Later change out colours and weight of the jig while leaving the assist in place - or simply change out the assist with ease.
There's no need for special split rings or pliers or other hard to operate clips that can come undone. Enjoy the 'next generation of fishing tackle'. 

1 Pack

How to:

Load jig on one and assist hook on the other.  Just use one clip for a ledger rig.  This is almost the only clip you will need. 

Good fishing!